From a couple in attendance at St. Andrew's Marriage Prep Worksop:
"Thank you so much for ur time last weekend at st. Andrews, it really opened mine and my finace eyes of what we have to do in this world. Thank you." 

From a Confirmation Director:
"(a student in attendance) said she will be getting confirmed BECAUSE of the TOB talk! Thank you again!"
From a high schooler in attendance at a talk given at St. Andrew's:
"Hey there!...I will be seventeen in February and come from a family of four kids; two boys and two girls, and parents that have been married for 26 years. I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming and teaching my confirmation class the theology of the body. I think it really helped teens understand the true meaning of God's love and what it means to be Catholic. I definitely benefitted from your talk and want you to know that you did very very well at explaining everything...Sometimes I wonder a lot about what God wants for me and my future, but with your talk, I have learned a lot and learned that I need to let God be the leader of my future.  God's light truly shines through you and inspires me to be a woman of Christ in his image. You are a great example of a woman of God and I look up to you a lot. Your message really spoke to me and made me want to have God in my life forever as a Catholic. Just by seeing how happy and at peace you are with your husband and your family really spoke to me and shows me what I would like my family to be like someday. I can't thank you enough for coming! Your ministry is amazing! You are such an inspiration:)"
From a student in attendance at my TOB workshop at Western Washington University:
"'Why was I never told this before?' was the thought I had most often while learning the Theology of the Body from Kristine my junior year in college. As a sometimes practicing Catholic, I was absolutely floored. I had always loved the Church, but never really understand all the in's and out's of it, nor did I understand how much knowledge I really lacked. Theology of the Body gave me two important things that have changed my life: 1. It opened up the Church's teachings for me in a way that allowed me to see complete beauty and depth and left me with the desire to continue learning; 2. For the first time in my life, I understood my value as a woman and that womanhood is a precious gift in need of protection. My relationship with Christ has grown tremendously because of these two elements and four years later, I'm still studying TOB, learning from it, and loving it."

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